Intuitive Herbalism


Honouring our indigenous plants, walking the path of healing. A fascinating and richly illuminated exploration of human-plant communication.

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Herbalist Nathaniel Hughes and artist Fiona Owen have worked together for five years. This book is the first in the series ‘Weeds in the Heart’ in which Nathaniel opens a doorway into the world of plant healing accompanied by rich illuminations from Fiona Owen.

The approach outlined in the book is the distillation of over ten years teaching experience leading people into more intuitive relationships with plants.

We explore what it means to let go of any preconceptions of a plant and meet it in our truth and our vulnerability. Within this meeting between our honest-selves and the plant is a unique relationship, apparently subtle at first, but growing quickly as we nurture it with our awareness and care.

We explore how our dream worlds, accessed both in sleep and consciously through journeying, can quickly deepen this relationship and how, in the chapter ‘Hall of Mirrors’, there is medicine in moving though our own layers of projection.

As we start to bring awareness to the deep memories stored within our own body (aided, if we wish, by the plants), the incredible connections between our own story of health and illness and our relationship with nature around us start to emerge.

This is many lifetimes work, but we hope that our first book helps opens some doors into both plant wisdom and healing for you.


Production details:

A beautifully proportioned and produced A5 book, 80 pages including around 20 of Fiona’s paintings, five of which are reproductions of her oil paintings which have been carefully ‘foiled’ to match the real gold leaf used in the originals.

Production has taken place with arguably the most ‘Eco’ printers in the country – Seacourt.

First published, June 2014 by Quintessence Press.

Second edition, December 2016

Third edition, November 2019.

ISBN: 9 780992 921 842




This is a truly delightful book which is also extraordinarily illustrated so beautifully. Even holding it during times of reflection/movement of what I had just read or from an illustration….I experienced a knowing….. A knowing that the more I know, the less I know I know. It feels like a beautiful place to be.   (PA, January 2015)

I read the book sitting in a field surrounded by bird song, glorious sunshine and our native herbs. It was wonderful, magical and deeply touching. Beautifully written and illustrated. Thank you for all your work and wisdom. (KA, June 2014)

I am blown away by the depth of connection available on this level and feel so blessed to have finally taken this step. It is a whole new level of working with the plants and humbling as well. (AC, June 2014)

I love the book, it’s so beautiful and I’m looking forward to developing my relationship with plants. The book is a treasure in it’s own right, it’s enchanting. (MC, June 2014)

Thank you both for sharing your experiences in the book, it has really brought together a number of trains of thought for me and helped me draw together my own experiences enabling me to look at it all in a new way. The pictures have also given me great insight, they really enable you to start journeying with the plants. (N, June 2014)