Walking out with intention

One of the first steps when wanting to work intuitively with plants is initiating a relationship, and learning how to develop this relationship. In the recording below I briefly describe six distinct stages that common experiences of the groups I facilitate.

Walking with intention – six stages of meeting

These six stages are often experienced as:

* Clarifying your intention and taking your authentic self into the meeting
* Walking with openness and invitation
* Experiencing a sense of attraction or draw to a plant
* Stepping into that attraction
* Being with the plant
* Stepping out of the relationship with gratitude

Each of these stages can be a doorway into wisdom. The reason for seperating them out is not to become overly analytical, but rather to become conscious of the process and the openings that are on offer.



One thought on “Walking out with intention”

  1. Thank you. This so beautifully puts into words the experience I have been unconsciously having with trees throughout my life. As you spoke, little snapshots of specific trees I have paused and connected with were appearing in my mind’s eye. And though I know this moment is right, I can’t help but wonder why, WHY I did not learn this as a child? How is it possible to exist so long unaware?

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