Tea Meditation

A very simple and accessible way to work with herbs is through a mindful appreciation of the infusion/decoction. Though simple enough for a complete beginner, I still use the same approach with advanced classes – you can always go deeper with it.

As with all creation of sacred space, make sure you are in a peaceful, distraction free environment and still yourself before starting. It’s good to allow around half an hour to fully immerse yourself in the tea.

This can be done with any herb, though if starting out in this work, herbs such as Mint, fresh Ginger, Chamomile and Marsh mallow are quite accessible. It is easier to start with something somewhat gentle and aromatic; a beginner might find discerning between different bitters more difficult. This meditation is intended for single herbs – blends bring in another layer of complexity.

Have a cup of tea ready before starting to play the audio file – the recording starts off with a chime and a short silence, after which I lead a guided process to explore different aspects of the tea. This starts with the smell, moves onto the taste and then explores our personal response to the herb.

Tea meditation:

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  1. What a beautiful gift and meditation, thank you. I enjoyed Egyptian licorice tea sitting amidst the roots of an old Cedar tree while listening to the ocean waves on an island off the north west coast of Canada. I enjoyed the sensual dance with this tea and the fully embodied experience of meeting this herb/root while being witnessed and embraced by the Cedar. I am grateful for this beautiful experience meeting the essence.

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