Sabotage mechanisms

My experience from facilitating is that we all have an innate ability to enter into relationship and communication with plants. I have found through helping guide hundreds of people through this process that there is more ‘un-learning’ than there is learning.

In the recording below I outline some of the common inner sabotage mechanisms that play out when people are new to this work.

I’ll add a part two to this at some point, but for this one I explore the patterns of ‘The Critic/Skeptic’, the inner script of self doubt ‘I can’t do this’, the seeking of other people’s experiences rather than your own, the monkey mind, the defended heart, the ego / persona bound consciousness and the need to draw conclusions too soon.

If you recognise any of these in yourself, moving through them is often the process of become conscious of their voice and choosing not to ‘feed’ it, either with complicity or rejection.

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