Welcome to our newly born resource area for the books in the series ‘Weeds in the Heart’. My story throughout my life has been one of slow growth, putting down strong roots, whilst edging outwards in consciousness and awareness. I suspect that this site will be likewise, as we add information, links and recordings bit by bit.

My hope is that a year from publication of the first book (June 2014) this site at least doubles the reach and information available in the book, and actively responds to questions that arise for people.

So far we have added:

– Recording of a introduction to the common stages in meeting a new plant
– Common sabotage mechanisms
– Recording of a guided tea meditation
– A glossary of terms

To come soon:

– Working consciously with projection (counter transference as teacher)
– Suggested techniques to deeper your relationship





A series of books illuminating an intuitive approach to herbalism supported by a growing range of web resources