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Cards x 4


Beautiful gold foiled cards featuring Fiona’s prints, blank inside, short text from the book on the back. Available online in packs of four cards. Please list which four you request on the payment screen under ‘Order notes’. If this is left blank we will send a selection.

Product Description

We currently have a selection of five of Fiona’s prints as cards, ‘Wild’, ‘Primrose’, ‘Marigold’, ‘Nettle’ and ‘Rose’. These are available individually at Made in Stroud (in Stroud) or else as a pack of four cards online for £10 + Postage. The cards are mixed sizes, with Wild, Primrose and Dandelion slightly bigger than Nettle and Rose.

When ordering use the ‘Order notes’ box on the final, payment screen to list the four types you want, e.g. Rose x 2, Marigold, Nettle. If this box is left blank we will send you a random selection of four cards.


Additional Information